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Interview: HX Magazine
Sex sells, and with the help of Justin Timberlake, 23-year-old Ciara has traded in the chastity belt from her 2004 track “Goodies” for the seductive style of “Love Sex Magic,” the first single off her new album, Fantasy Ride. The tune has become one of her biggest hits to date but honey, she’s just getting started. HX caught up with the silky smooth singer from Atlanta to discuss Ride, wardrobe malfunctions and how to become the ultimate Ciara drag queen. Leave your tranny jokes at home, people, because this chick is all woman.HX: We just heard that you’ll be joining Britney for her tour in Europe this summer.
Yeah, that’s gonna be fun!

Have you heard about some of the crazy things she’s said on stage?
I’ve heard a little bit. Uh, like what?

Well, there was one about a certain part of her anatomy hanging out…
Oh, she was performing and she said her “lady” was hanging out. Sometimes that happens on stage. Her microphone just happened to be on and unfortunately people heard it. That’s what happens in a show. Everything’s not perfect.  She’s moving along and her tour’s doing well, so that’s what really matters.

Have you ever had an embarrassing concert moment?
I’ve had pants rip. We were underneath the stage trying to hurry up and move as fast as possible. It was crazy.

Let’s talk about your new album. How does it feel to finally have Fantasy Ride out there?
It feels great. I put a lot of hard work into this record. I feel like it couldn’t be a more perfect time to put it out.

This album has a sexier feel than your previous releases. Does that mean your “Goodies” are out of the jar?
[Laughs] With age and time, things do change. At that time, that was definitely the message I wanted to get across. I still think you have to keep your goodies in the jar. If you’re gonna share the goodies it has to be the right time with the right person. That’s how I look at it.

So what’s the story behind Super C?
I’m really into superheroes right now, so I decided to create my own called Super C. I feel like there’s a superhero in all of us. It’s that energy that helps us overcome obstacles. For me, I always have to be strong, whether it’s in my work world or my personal life.

Do you have a favorite song on the album?
A few. I love “High Price,” “Like a Surgeon,” “Work” and “Keep Dancing On Me.”

Those operatic vocals on “High Price” are insane.
I was working with Tricky [Stewart] and The-Dream in the beginning, and when I heard this record it just automatically felt like this is where I’m going, this is what I want to do. I remember telling my assistant, “I hope I can sing it high.” But when I got to the studio, it just all came out. I recorded it in two hours.

Is there any chance that it’s going to be a single?
I think it has potential to be a single for sure.

We heard “Like a Surgeon” and “Work” are next.
I would hate to confirm anything right now, but you are hearing something pretty close to what’s going on.

Are you doing videos for either of those songs?
See, you’re trying to get me to confirm everything! I just had a meeting about a video shoot for two songs. Your guess could be pretty close.

We live for “Love Sex Magic” with Justin Timberlake. You also did “Turntables” with Chris Brown. Was there pressure to drop the song because of his recent scandal?
I’ll be honest, I wanted to keep the focus on the music. I recorded that track a long time ago and it was one of my favorites. It felt good to me, so I kept it on my album.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?
I would like to work with maybe Janet or Eminem.

Yeah, that would be kind of cool.  I think Eminem is dope

Do you hope that some day people consider you a gay icon?
I would love it if people l said I was an icon period. A fan is a fan to me. It’s a blessing no matter your race or gender, whether you’re gay, lesbian or whatever. I live for inspiring people and seeing them rock to my music.

Speaking of icons, do you ever get frustrated by Janet and Aaliyah comparisons?
Missy told me that I remind her of Aaliyah on a personal level. To my understanding, she had a great personality, so I appreciate that. When it comes to Janet, she was a huge inspiration to me. For people to say I’m the Janet Jackson of this day, that’s a huge compliment. Maybe 20 years from now people will be like, “Oh, you’re like Ciara.”

How can someone be like Ciara? More importantly, what would it take to be a drag version of Ciara?
Well, you got to work it, honey. You got to know how to hit the floor, tip it off, get buck and whoop your head nice and hard. Glam it up, but don’t over-glam it. And just go hard.

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