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Lloyd Apologizes For His Comments About Ciara

Months back singer, Lloyd, made some very offensive and uncalled for comments towards Ciara in an interview. Early this morning he finally decided to make a public apology on the situation on, of all places, Twitter. Check out what Lloyd had to say….

Self Check: I was wrong for what I said about Ciara. I was dead wrong. Who’s to say I know right or wrong. Its hard to look in the mirror…

And be able to realize your flaws, your mistakes and admit to them publicly. There’s a line between friendship that should valued…

I hurt her. I dissappointed her fans, my fans, my friends. Even my mama. Its a difference between personal feeling and what’s real and…

I’d just like to apologize and move on. @ciara I love you and I respect your art and your heart♥. You know me, and you know its not…

EVEN in my nature to say those things. I was upset about many things at the time and took my frustrations out on you, one of my best friends

I know that you’ve forgiven me, but I will con’t to say I’m sorry and i will NEVER allow that to happen again. I’ll take this time to humble

myself and re-evaluate my actions. Goodnight twitter. Goodmorning GOD.

Do you think this was sincere, or for more attention?

  • Dean

    Lloyd “can kiss my whole ass…more specifically my ass hole” LMFAO He can apologize as many times as he wants… He never had to call Ciara a bitch. smh He’s bullshit in my book.

  • JayCi

    Its nice that he said he’s sorry but im still on the fence about him. You dont call my favorite singer a bitch. Its just not happenin….

  • Maranda

    Well honestly Ciara is the only person he owes the apology to. I’m glad that he made a public apology since he made a public comment. Even thought she had arleady forgiven him(if what he said was true) it’s just nice he made it public since he had the nerve to call her out publicly! The fans shouldn’t say anything negative to him, if you still dislike him thats fine but don’t drag say name into it, it only makes those that see the things you say think poorly of Ciara.

  • Maranda

    *her not say

  • Annie

    after reading that i want to be a fan of his again, but i still cant completely forgive him! ughhh but i guess he’s sincere. Ciara is back in the limelight…now he want to do a public apology? haha

  • JayCi

    Isnt it strange that Ciara cant have certain friends and whatnot but beyonce can go do movies, perfumes, clothing line, etc. and not be called hollywood? Double standard much?

  • Ciara4evaeva

    Hell No Lloyd probably saying sorry bcuz he noe he got a album coming out and he wants every1 2 b on his side and y say sorry on Twitter u should of went 2 a radio station and said sorry sh** u called her a b*** at a radio station say sorry at a radio station…i still dnt like lloyd i will neva buy his album.

    LOVE CIARA!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    awwww that was sweet of lloyd i totally forgive him =)

  • MB92

    Awww i think its sincere, although its like why wait till now?? but i really think this is sincere

  • ciara

    that almost made me cry

  • tosha

    It takes lot for one to realize and admit their flaws and apologize. Ciara is a sweetheart she dosen’t seem to be the type to carry hate in her heart . If she forgives him I say lets move on. Ciara was hurt but she’s strong and probably still care about the friendship they go way-back.

  • sieara

    aw it sounded sincere and if ciara forgave him y cant her fans.? plus lloyd had known ciara for a long time, she was even in his hey young girl video she’s at the end

  • Marquis / Casellono

    hUMMMMMM kISS MY aSS LLOYD LMAO!! i guess ciara 4 gives him lol

  • lilchelle

    fuck lloyd..he just mad cause ciara one of the hardest R&B singers out right now and he just wants attention now because ppl havent been paying him no mind.i think this apology is bullshit.i know ciara forgave him because she aint the type to beef or hold grudges aginst someone she is more mature and classy than that.lloyd is a immature moron.i think he should have went to her publicly and apologize.ciara u rock girl keep your head up like u been doin.its lames like lloyd who are just jealous and the bitch is him.

  • Aj

    i only have one thing to say after reading at apolgize BULLSHIT!!!

    TOTALLY B.S!!!!

  • g3

    In other news Gimme Dat is the 2nd single Jamaica better go in on them dance moves for the video I want intricate choreography and Melina should direct the vid i cant wait BYE LLOYD!!

  • brittany ci ci fan

    Ci ci is hot no lie I love her i love ride in gimmie that

  • Meeka

    his follow count went up….he’s on blog sites..he’s being talked about…..PUBLICITY ;ALL IN HIS PLAN !

  • Aj

    @sieara yeah ur right, if ciara can forgive Lloyd, we should be able to forgive him too. after all he is a good artist, but i still think he was just trying to get attention.

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