• Hailab: God Bless all your endeavors!!!XXX
  • solargeknowles: Poor CiCi. If this album is truly good, I’ll finally buy one of your albums.
  • justin markovich: damn you are so beatiful to me you are my ms universe you are a true dime piece cici
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Billboard: Ciara Pushes The Envelope On Basic Instinct

After Ciara’s 2009 album “Fantasy Ride” failed to meet expectations — selling a meager 195,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan — following the success of 2006′s “Ciara: The Evolution,” which sold 1.3 million copies, and her “Goodies” debut, which sold 2.7 million — many counted her out.

But with the help of lead single “Ride” from “Basic Instincts,” her fourth studio album due Oct. 5 on Jive Records, the R&B singer/dancer/actress is back with a vengeance.

The single, produced by Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and written by the-Dream — who together helmed the entire album — is No. 5 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 13 weeks on each. The track has sold 250,000 downloads to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

“The track has caught on because it’s infectious, memorable and returns Ciara to her fan base,” Stewart says. “The last album we had a number of people in our ears not believing in our vision. This time Ciara drew the line and really fought for what she believed in.”

Another reason: Sex sells. Ciara takes that adage a step further than she did on her “Love Sex Magic” song and video with Justin Timberlake from her last album. Her limber writhing in a bodysuit in the videoclip seems demure compared with “Ride.” The highly sexified, push-the-envelope track finds Ciara boasting about her sexual prowess (“I can do it up and down, I can do circles/To him I’m a gymnast, this room is my circus,” she sings in a breathy tenor) atop a thumping, slinky beat.

The accompanying video, directed by Diane Martel, is just as explicit as the lyrics. The clip features Ciara provocatively gliding and bouncing atop a mechanical bull while wearing a wet T-shirt, among other highly sexualized visuals — so much so that BET Networks banned the video from its channel.

“Ride” isn’t the only promising track gleaned from “Basic Instinct” so far; “Gimme Dat,” a more uptempo but equally brash song was released as a buzz track. “I’ve been gone for too long, now it’s time I take it back,” she confidently opens the song over a lively, bass-driven dance beat. Additionally, a remix to “Ride,” featuring OutKast rapper André 3000, was released on the Internet.

While Ciara’s album was pushed back a number of times and an official second single hasn’t been released yet, her recent chart successes have many rooting for her and the future of her music career. “I am grateful to work with such a talented artist as Ciara,” the-Dream tells Billboard. “I’ve never doubted her talents or her will to succeed.”

  • Dean

    so…… gimme dat is the 2nd single still….. right?

  • JayCi

    Ok Im confused. Gimme Dat is a buzz track? The producer said its a single. I love how Billboard is showing her so much love tho.

  • Rawr

    Ciara’s coming out with a Ride Remix Ep :o

  • CiaraStar

    Someone told me they heard Ciara is riding an ATV onto the stage at summer jam today!

  • CiaraStar

    @rawr what do u mean?

  • Rawr

    @CiaraStar There’s a bunch of Ride Remixes out Today which someone said is going to be released on itunes :o

  • CiaraStar

    oh! good!

  • Super b

    About gimme dat being a single she never confirmed it. Rap up. Com did

  • MB92

    @ super b well I think ci was going to comfirm gimme dat on the ustream she wasent able to do. but I think ciara did confirm it if I’m not mistaken via facebook & twitter. but anyways I’m glad ride is doing good. just heard it on the radio

  • ciarafan95

    check out this video with ciara in it from birthday bash

  • JayCi

    im stayin on twitter and this all evening to get updates on summer jam…..i pray her pre album tour comes to tennessee!

  • ciarafan95

    @jayci me too theres a few updates comin in here and there

  • lilchelle

    gimme dat mite be a single….cause i heard them playing the song on the radio in my town……it mite be a single…we’ll see.

  • brittanycici

    Gimmie that better be the 2nd single

  • JayCi

    Well it has been released to radio so its something. I think Jive is wanting her to keep quiet on the project until she pounces on us with alot of promo and new single like they did a few months ago.

  • ciarafan95

    here’s a pic of ciara at summer jam (it’s not that clear but oh well)

  • ciarafan95
  • ciarafan95

    another pic imma keep postin every new one i see to keep yall updated

  • ciarafan95
  • JayCi

    Im hearing nothing but positivity on twitter! im hearing she killt it!!!! so excited!!!

  • ciarafan95

    another exclusive pic lol

  • JayRide

    so wat is the second single?

  • MB92

    @JayRide I think this article was made before ciara or anyone annonced the second single, because it says that ride sold 195k when it sold over 250k to date

  • MB92

    oooohhh nvm it says fantasy ride o.o. but gimme dat has already been announced so ya made be4 2nd single annonced

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