• Hailab: God Bless all your endeavors!!!XXX
  • solargeknowles: Poor CiCi. If this album is truly good, I’ll finally buy one of your albums.
  • justin markovich: damn you are so beatiful to me you are my ms universe you are a true dime piece cici
  • Digo: OMG so beautiful
  • Brooke: love to see her smile like this.
  • Julia Richard: Nice one thanks Learning never ends
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Maxim Hot 100 2011 – Ciara #67

This year’s list of Maxim‘s 100 HOTTEST WOMEN has been released! Our very own Ciara can be found at #67! Check out the brief article and interview :

Hotlanta’s hottest hitmaker is ready to burn up the charts with her new album,Basic Instinct. Welcome to the flirty South.


We’ve been under the spell of this sexy siren since she told us to “1, 2 Step” back in 2005. In the past five years she’s gone platinum, co-headlined a tour with Jay-Z, racked up a mess of Grammy nods, and recently made the greatest bump ’n’ grind video ever with “Ride.” (Seriously. If you haven’t seen it, run—don’t walk—to YouTube). Gentlemen, your Ciara crush begins now.

We’re obsessed—to put it mildly—with your “Ride” video. Hot!
It’s crazy, because the video definitely has some sensual moments in it. The men have been showing it a lot of love. One guy even said it turned his girl into a lesbian! If I can turn everybody on, I’m OK with that.

In one scene in the video, you ride a mechanical bull. Did you yell, “Yee-haw!”?
I said, “Hey!” You’d think it’d be hard on the back, but it hurt my wrists when they cranked it up. The bull was fun, but at one point I was like, “OK, I’m done.”

One last “Ride” question: Tell us what you think the sexiest line is.
“To him I’m a gymnast / His room is my circus / They love the way I ri-i-i-i-i-i-de it.” Did you like that?

You OK?

So what does a guy have to do to win you over?
I mean, like every girl out there, we want a guy who’s comfortable in his own skin, who lets us grow, and who challenges us. But when it comes to superficial stuff, I mean who doesn’t like a good, hard body? You don’t have to be all crazy, just in shape. And have a neck, please!

You were just in the studio finishing up your album. Give us a glimpse of that awesome life.
It’s the coolest, can’t lie. I go to the studio at, like, noon, and there’s a lot of dancing and, of course, singing. There’s a cook who whips up food, and we sit around and joke and record until the wee hours. Then we head home, get up, and do it again. I feel blessed I get to do this for a living.

The album is called Basic Instinct. Are you channeling Sharon Stone? And more important, do you own an ice pick?

I have ice cubes in my freezer. That’s about it. The album is about our basic wants and desires. But I have to say, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct was smart, a little shady, and she definitely had a sexy gangsta thing going on.

You’re from the ATL, a great food town. What are your guilty-pleasure chow spots?
The Varsity chili dogs and cheese fries, but they get crackin’ in your stomach! My favorite is the Waffle House’s chicken melt, hash browns, and sautéed onions. It’s far from fancy. It’s just good Southern cooking.

Besides your own, what’s your favorite baby-making song?

It would have to be “12 Play” by R. Kelly or Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place.” Yeah, that one gets me hot!

See more of this beauty of the beats!


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  • http://URL Tresha

    Congrats CC!! I thought she should’ve been higher but im glad she made the list.

  • http://URL Jay Jay

    So Ciara confirmed her and amare are a couple -____________- I wanted to marry her lol. I am happy for her and she’s seems happy about it

  • http://URL chelle

    Now I believe Ciara & Amare are a couple, since she finally confirmed it. I’m happy for her. Im glad she is very happy & enjoying life.<333

    i just wish some of her fans shut up and stop making jokes about stuff thats not funny at all.they need to stop worrying too much about he rpersonal life and worry about her music, albums,etc…..ciarafierce=)

  • http://URL chelle

    some cici fans do too much and they blow thigns out of proportion they ned to chill out.smh! im sure cici would be upset with some of the thigns her stans be saying on twitter so inapprpriate they need to grow up.smh!

  • http://URL chelle

    dismiss my comments please, now that i think about it its not acutal proof.because we dont know if she actually said those words blog sites lie, so to me its not official. but until i see a video of cici saying it then imma belive it but im glad she is happy and living u always Ci=)

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