• Hailab: God Bless all your endeavors!!!XXX
  • solargeknowles: Poor CiCi. If this album is truly good, I’ll finally buy one of your albums.
  • justin markovich: damn you are so beatiful to me you are my ms universe you are a true dime piece cici
  • Digo: OMG so beautiful
  • Brooke: love to see her smile like this.
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FAN POLL : Which Artists Would You Like To See Ciara Work With On Her Upcoming 5th Studio Album?
Written by: James Posted in vote

Yesterday on Twitter, we asked fans to submit the names of artists in which they would most like to see Ciara work with on her next project. We’ve now taken those artists and put them onto a poll. Here’s your turn! Choose artists from the list that you would most like to see Ciara collaborate with on her upcoming 5th studio album.

If you were given to opportunity to select the artists for Ciara to work with on her next album, who would they be? Choose 6; VOTE BELOW!


[polldaddy poll="5594900"]

  • xCiaraFiercex

    This poll is cool..the 6 i picked were Nicki Minaj, JLo, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias, Alicia Keys, and Missy Elliott…but others i also would love to see her work with are: Trey Songz, Janet Jackson, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Keyshia Cole, T.I, Pharrell, Babyface, Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, Drake, Fergie. Lil’wayne is overrated and i could careless with a duet with him. The others are ok. But these are just some ppl I would love for her to duet with on album #5 and in the future.

  • xCiaraFiercex

    I almost forgot..Mariah Carey too.


    Thanks for putting Dev on the list :D i would pick drake,Bruno,david guetta, my 2nd Fave Dev lol … half of the arttist she already collabo like Justin,Missy,Pitbull,chris,enrique

  • AmericanRogue

    My personal four for Ciara to work with are Enrique Inglesias,Chris Brown,Nicole Scherzinger,and Usher because in my opinion they complement her talent look and style the most and I believe that if you are the best then you should only work with the best and NOT with a pathetic assortment of insufferable overrated annoying no talent jackasses such as Lil Wayne,T.I.,Eminem,Nicki Minaj or any of the other hip-hop buffoons submitted for consideration in this poll,but individuals that are at Ciara’s level and of her caliber talent-wise such as Chris Brown,Usher,Enrique Inglesias,and Nicole Scherzinger.

    Secondly,if the rumors are indeed accurate that Ciara has signed with Epic Records and considering that the chairman of the label in L.A. Reid has a history with both Ciara and Usher dating back to Arista and Jive Records,I for one would love to see a duet between Ciara and Usher with a video for the song ”Turn It Up” provided that Ciara /Epic could aquire control of the song. I as a proud member of Team Ciara wish her nothing but the best and I cannot wait for the next album to see Ciara set the stage ablaze and amaze and excite the world once again.

    Team Ciara 4 Life!!

  • ChadinChadponchai

    No matter who gonna choose, if she’s so determined

    She will be flop again and again, what she is going to do is just do What Her producers tell her

    You see the last album, biggest flop album of her, sometimes, she should listen to other

    opinions, let’s other see her as a singer, not herself see herself

  • tee92

    Did any 1 hear bout ciara and cam newton dating?

  • tee92

    Did any 1 hear bout ciara n cam newton? ciara n frank ocean should collaborate.

  • ColesBrittany

    I would have to say Miguel cause he’s a new coming artist and I like him and I think that they would make a hit who’s with me!

  • JayCi

    I picked people with actual talent: T.I., JLO, J. Cole, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Trey Songz. Im so over people sayin she should work with Nicki I cant stand her. She’s ALREADY WORKED WITH CHRIS why should she work with him again??? Why are ciara fans so obsessed with him? we’ve already gotten a song and performance of them together and that was enough. I refuse to support a song with Drake’s whiny voice featured on it and whoever said rihanna must have lost their damn minds.

  • ColesBrittany

    @JayCi I have to agree cause they alwys pick the same people its time for some new artists to get some shine like Miguel or Jeremih but o he wasn’t on the list I think she would make some hits if she worked with Miguel and Jeremih its time for some freshness not the same old tired people if you feel me jus sayin!

  • IamMrFamous07

    My Personal 4 are:

    J. Cole

    Frank Ocean



    Even though we do had Turn it up I wanna hear more from this duo. Plus I think its good for Ciara to have at least ONE mainstream artist as a collabo. And I like the Hot tottie version with Ciara. I think JLO is expired, Im sorry but shes is not a huge fan of mine but its w/e if they do a collabo. Nicki is to overrated and I can’t stand her too.

    I really hope this album is not one sound. I need a perfect blend and keep in mind We are in a POP era

  • IamMrFamous07

    Big sean will be cool too

  • Lolli
  • Jesusfreak

    Omg I want Ciara to collab with Ciara! Seriously though, maybe one or two collaborations top. Who cares about other “hot” artists, if the song is a hit, it won’t need anyone. Ci should write a lot on this album and focus on great production/producers and everything will work out.

  • Mrs_DROSE

    I dont want Ciara collaborating with people thats always on other peoples songs like “Nicki,lil wayne, etc” I like collabs that actually make sense and it naturally fits the song, nothing forced.

  • xCiaraFiercex

    @ChadinChadponchai why dont u get a life.u aint nothign but a hater,and if u were smart cici dont do everything ehr label tells ehr too.i guess jive told her to write a letter telling how she didnt feel comfortable with that label anymore,and asked to be why dont haters like u get a life and stay off her websites,etc. if she was such a flop u lame ass haters wouldnt have her name in ur mouth so much.cici is still relevant and making more money then u no life idiots in a life time.

  • xCiaraFiercex

    well alot of ciara fans are chris brown fans too and so what if we want her to work with chris brown again.alot of artists worked with each other more then once.its our opnion.chris has alot of talent and him and her collaborating would be great….so whatever……..i undertsand not having her to work with ppl like lilwayne, drake and nicki because they are overrated..but i think her and nicki would be interesting,but nothing special so i understand that…but i do want her to work with JLo, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias, Alicia Keys, and Missy Elliott, Trey Songz, Janet Jackson, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Keyshia Cole, T.I, Pharrell, Babyface, Kelly Rowland, Kanye West, Fergie.They all have talent and i think would make a good collabo with Ciara.

  • xCiaraFiercex

    Ciara DONT do everything her label/producers tell her too. She speaks her mind….and she was doing her part,her label,etc. wasnt doing theirs 100% because they wanted to control her career and tell her what to do.She even wrote a letter on her facebook page saying how she felt about jive records.She wanted to be released. Now shes with epic records. She will do better. All she needs to a good label/management behind her and that will support her 100% instead of trying to control her. And her REAL fans teamciara who will stand by her 100% and support her no matter what.

  • JayCi

    That’s just a pressed hater thats been living under a rock for the past 8 months.

  • xCiaraFiercex


    Ciara DONT do everything her label/producers tell her too. She speaks her mind….and she was doing her part,her label,etc. wasnt doing theirs 100% because they wanted to control her career and tell her what to do.She even wrote a letter on her facebook page saying how she felt about jive records.She wanted to be released. Now shes with epic records. She will do better. All she needs to a good label/management behind her and that will support her 100% instead of trying to control her. And her REAL fans teamciara who will stand by her 100% and support her no matter what.

  • ColesBrittany

    @Jesusfreak u are so right thanx 4 sayin that she’s great all by herself, besides this time around just to be true I want to here more of ciara than the other artists no offense :)!

  • Kiannadavis

    yo jus hope she makes the right decision… love her through it all.. no matter who she picks

  • YungCLuvsCiara

    Missy Elliot and Luda will always be on my list for people who should Collaborate with Ciara, they create nothing but hits. But i would love to see Ciara work with people who would have chemistry in the studio not just because of popularity. I would to see Ciara collaborate with Kanye, Wayne, Trey Songz, Justin Timberlake (Again), Drake, J.Cole, Miguel, T.I. , I think her JLO would be hot, Nicki would be hot too. However, all and all, as long as the song is hot and Ciara does her best i’ll be satisfied whoever she’ll collaborate with. #TeamCiara No Matter What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IamMrFamous07

    I honestly don’t care who she choses. Whatever decision she makes we as fans needs to support Ciara. Its crunch time and we all cant be selfish and want the project to be a certain way. Only thing we need to focus on is Saving our $$$ so once that first single drops we can all buy it. We also need to be requesting hard too. WE CANT PLAY AROUND!!!! Good thing is that shes in a label that supports her so thats one big weight off our shoulders.

  • AmericanRogue

    Personally,I as a proud member of Team Ciara I am yo support Ciara in whatever she does professionally and personally just as long she knows exactly what she’s doing and I as a fan feels that it is the right thing to do for herself both personally and professionally and this includes her next album. I still contend that for this 5th album to be Ciara’s best,she still needs to and it is imperative for her to surround herself and work with the best and that includes top notch writers and producers,a record label that is focused,dedicated,and committed to showcasing the talents of Ciara and Ciara herself as the superstar we know she is and not pigeonholed and put on the backburner behind worthless no talent imbeciles like Britney Spears of whom it is obvious and apparent to all that Spears can’t tie Ciara shoelaces let alone hang with Ciara vocally as a singer nor dancer onstage as well as the real chance to work with top-tier performers such as Jesse McCartney,Chris Brown,Usher and Nicole Scherzinger.

  • LuckyMrLove

    Whoever she decides to work with, I will be there for support. I’m Just ready for some new Ciara music…. Im feining for it like a crack addict lol. :-)

  • Thomas Firemoon

    New Fan. I seen your picture in the “US” magazine, October 24, 2011. You were in Paris on Oct 5 sitting atop your luggage. I have been busy the last 18 yr raising my 3 children, 2 step children and 1 child the mother wants us to raise and I have not listened to much music. But I think you would sound good with Eminem. I am a Navy Veteran, College grad and live on a U.S. Indian Reservation in Montana. My wife just joined up with Fedex as some Agent and is learning to drive those big trucks. This February 14, will be 20 years married. I have dedicated my life to my beautiful family and supported my now 16 y.o. daughter singing. She has attended Music Camp for the past 5 yr, worked and paid for the camp this year by herself. My daughter sings National Anthem at School events, scores the Superior rating at high school music competition in vocal. Thanks for singing, keep singing Ciara, I feel Proud for you. Best, Thomas Firemoon

  • dasiahmusicears

    Ciara It You And Your Label Decision Who ever you choose will be great and to me every song you put one your albums was hot Go Cici #TeamCiara Te Amo

  • IamMrFamous07

    So as of right now the producers Ciara is working with are Soundz (Gimme dat, Heavy Rotation, & Gimme dat remix), Polo (Promise, I dont remember), Infinity (Yeah I know) Also The runners (Rihanna’s California King Bed)said on twitter they are trying to work with her as well. I’m loving the producers so far. Hopefully we can get at least a buzz single early 2012

    PS. I would like to see her work with Dr. Luke, T-minus, and Stargate. ANd I hope they are making a documentary for this era cuz I would love to see everything happening behind the scenes.

  • Deselles11

    If I were A&R’ ing Ciara’s 5th album I would have her go for songs that complement her style which is “Aggressive but Sweet”. She needs AMAZING BEATS, because she is a Dance/R&B oriented artist. I know people tend to run this one in the ground but she should look to Aaliyah’s self titled album and “One In A million ” as INSPIRATION only, No copying. Their artistry is so similar it’s haunting sometimes. I see alot of Aaliyah in Ciara , as many people have already commented. I think its great she’s working with Diane Warren because she needs a “One I gave My heart to” ballad, “Promise ” was her “OIAM”. I think her real A&R and LA Reid are already thinking of putting her on track with what Aaliyah was creating during her career. I would also place her with Timbaland , and some new unknown producers. I think if she works with Dream , it should be limited to one or two songs.

  • IamMrFamous07

    I hope Soundz makes another “Heavy Rotation” I love that song.

  • AmericanRogue

    I just sincerely hope that whatever label Ciara signs with just knows what the hell they’re doing with her and her career and is actually serious and displays a true and genuine interest in helping to make and showcase Ciara as the SuperStar that we,her fans know and that her track record of success proves that she truly is. In all honesty,with L.A. Reid at the helm if Ciara is actually signed with Epic,and with Reid’s dubious reputation for ruining and running records labels into the ground,I have my doubts.

  • xCiaraFiercex

    to me i think ciara should just do her on this album…i will always support babydoll no matter what cause thats what a real fan would do..i love all her music, every last one of her albums was hott to me…i feel she should do what she feels teamciara will love, because some of her fans always complain about this or that,and never satisfied…its usually those wishy washy fans who only love her when shes hot.(some of those fans turned their backs on her during FR era)….but WE TeamCiara need to go hard for her this her 1000% no matter what like we always do..i know we’re all ready for new music from cici. i just have this feeling that cici will slay (like always) and make a good comeback…god bless her.

    PS: i know tomorrow is her bday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ciara…Stay blessed, your such a beautiful, talented and amazing person.

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