Ciara Explains ‘Got Me Good’s’ Rescheduling


Ciara updates fans on her 2nd single, ‘Got Me Good’ . . .


Hey CSquad! I know you are waiting for GOT ME GOOD! We’re not trying to torture you, but….:) SORRY is now going to rhythm radio, so we are going to wait just a LIL longer to give you GOT ME GOOD!..It’s ready and baked to go!!…Stay tuned, and keep SORRY growing! We’re loving the OWA movement! You guys are Suuupper Turnt Uuup!! [SOURCE]

It’s great to see that she’s taking precise time and care with this project to ensure she serves her very best! Can’t wait!

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4 Responses to “Ciara Explains ‘Got Me Good’s’ Rescheduling”

  1. Chelle says:

    Im glad she let us know…i cant wait to hear the song and see the video….Im glad shes taking her time cause i know she wants it to be amazing..shes amazing.

  2. Mb92 says:

    CSQUAD Soorry Impacts Rhythm radio today….. Lets REQUEST/ADD

  3. Im kind of pissed ! I love Ciara so much but Jesus but learn the fine art of striking while the iron is hot! I think duel 1st single is a awesome Idea and “Sorry” needs to be perfomed on LENO , WENDY WILLIAMS, AND 106 Im tired of interviews!!! Im so frustrated!!! I know this album is gonna be so good please handle it right!!! AND WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR BEHIND THE MUSIC!!!! And get on the cover of somebodys magazine!!!….you know what just email and I will give you my number we can go over a stratgey !

  4. KT says:

    Ciara you are a awesome entertainer! Girl did you know I work out to your music? Boo! I need you to perform on all the popular tv shows! Please, Please, Please promote “Sorry”! I play your song everyday. Oh I love your Radio interviews, but I want to see your mug on TV!! I’m glad your performing on Black Girls Rock!!!

    P.s. I’m patiently waiting for ‘Got Me Good’


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