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CC Survival Kit

Everyone has been wondering exactly what  happened with the 2011 birthday project and fan mail book! Did it ever reach Ciara? Did she love it? YES & YES! Before we could share the photos of the project we wanted to get some feedback from Ciara on it. Ci, being the busy woman she is, happens to be someone extremely hard to catch up with (took nearly a year! haha), but luckily we finally got the feedback we wanted to hear!


“I absolutely loved it! It was extremely thoughtful and warmed my heart to see that you took your time developing such a great gift. It took me some time to go through since I was touring at the time I received it, but I really enjoyed it!  Thanks, C-Squad!”


If you need a quick refresh on what this project was all about watch UC’s very own, DiDi, explain HERE.


What went into the Survival Kit

○ Fan mail Book – Love from fans all over the globe
○ Albums plaque  - Symbolized her growth as an artist over the years and her work.
○ Brandy’s Never Say Never CD – Brandy is one of her most favorite voices of all time.
Personalized Jordan sneakers w/ “Ciara” on them
○ Scorpio Bracelet in a Chinese Takeout box – She is a Scorpio and reps it to the fullest! The takeout box symbolizes her love for Asian culture!
Bubble Gum Machine – Ciara once stole gum as a child.
○ UK Fan Book – Made by Krystal and represents CSquad-UK!
○ Jar of Candy – Symbolized her first album, Goodies!
○ Yellow paper with goals – Ciara made a list of goals before she became famous, she accomplished them all…and then some!
○ Sade Poster – She loves Sade very much!
○ “C” angel – Because she is one
○ Michael Jackson glove necklace & buttons – MJ is her idol. Also, the MJ buttons were for her “C” letterman.
○ Cartoon portrait of Tyson and Georgia – She loves her pups!
○ Cheesecake factory gift-card – This is one of her favorite places to dine!
○ Patti Labelle cook book – Just a little something to expand her southern culinary skills.
○ Lion Pillow Pet – Symbolized CSquad-Africa, the cubs she met in South Africa, and her love for the country.
○ Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal – It’s her favorite!
○ Dental Floss – She once mentioned that she was addicted to flossing.
○ Ciara perfume – She got her name from the Ciara fragrance by Revlon
○ 2 Pac’s All Eyez On Me CD – Her favorite 2Pac album


Fan Mail Book Flip-Thru

View More photos HERE

We had a pleasure putting this gift together with you, CSquad. Once again this would have never been possible without Sherlz and Huri, so an EVEN GREATER shout out to them. We know Ciara is proud to have such a loyal fans! Also, big thanks to Ci’s bestie, Yolonda, who got the gift to her!


Fans who helped fund this project:

Huri P
Sherlz Esteves
Jared Perez
Ronald Love
Robert Minner
Lisa Peiffer
Michelle Davis
Hustle Owens


We hope we left no one out and look forward to doing more amazing projects with you all! Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of the project!

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  • Chelle

    I sure have been wondering, Im glad she finally got to seeing (CSquads) 2011 bday project we did for her.

  • Rap*

     This is soooo dope. Good job guys

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