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Ciara’s VH1 DIVAS 2012 Performance To Feature Michael Jackson Song
Written by: James Posted in News


We’re less than a week away from Ciara’s hotly anticipated performance at this year’s VH1 DIVAS! Learn some info on her performance via VH1(read on below. . .)


Ciara is bringing Michael Jackson to VH1 Divas! No, not hologram MJ. A little birdie told us that on Sunday, December 16 at 9PM ET/8C CiCi will be using one of his classics to kick off her “Got Me Good“ set.


Though, she’s not the first to draw inspiration from the King of Pop, we’ve seen her performtributes to his work in concerts over the years, work the red carpet like Mike and peeped his dance moves in some of her own gravity-defying choreography (does the woman have a spine?!). So, if any Diva can ”Work“ his presence on stage, it’s Ciara. We don’t yet know which minute-long snippet I’ll be screaming, “That’s my jam!” to in six days, but here are a few theories:


Song #1: “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”
Why It’s Likely: She got the blogosphere buzzing last summer when flexed her fancy footwork to the tune in an Angola concert. Where is Angola? I don’t know, but I wished I was there when I saw that show footage.


Song #2: “Heal The World”
Why It’s Likely: She performed it at the 2009 BET Awards shortly after Michael Jackson’s death. It’s a slow jam, but it could be an easy-build complement (and moment of rest) before the non-stop dance fest that is “Got Me Good.”


Song #3: “Billie Jean”
Why It’s Likely: This song is all about showcasing feet popping and hip twerking. And the first 30 seconds are so recognizable, too - 1983 Motown 25 performance, anyone? Nothing but good things happen from starting a set with that.


Song #4: “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”
Why It’s Likely: Another jam she’s pulled out of her concert repertoire before. It’s definitely a big crowd-pleaser. What better way to pump up a dance-theme Divas crowd?

Peep Ciara’s crazy cover of ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somthin”

  • Tyler

    She also performed “wanna be startin somethin” during her set on the Britney Circus Tour

  • Antonio

    I hope she doesnt perform Wanna Be Startin Something, Im so damn tired of her performing that song. She should perform either Bad or Billie Jean because those songs are all about showcasing dance moves and footwork, especially Bad and I have a feeling that she might end up performing Bad because its more similar to Got Me Good

  • Antonio

    But I hope after Vh1 Divas airs, she starts to promote the singles and albums because Beyonce, Mariah, Gaga and Britney are all releasing albums between March and May so they will all most likely drop their first singles by January which means they will be the promo/marketing run starting in January/February. It seems like Basic Instinct/Fantasy Ride all over again. No promo for the singles, no release date for the album, no marketing strategies at all. There isnt any reason why Ciara wasnt performing at the VMAs, Soul Train Awards, AMAs, X Factor or any other major talk show like GMA, Today Show, Ellen, The View, Letterman, Leno. Shes only done 2 promotional performances on mid level rated programs and they did absoutely nothing for Sorry and Got Me Good isnt doing shit on the charts. I dont why Epic didnt release Livin It Up as the 1st single, then Overdose as the 2nd then Sorry as the 3rd. Sorry was NOT lead single material and GMG is NOT 2nd single material. They are more like 3rd and 4th single material. The 1st and 2nd singles have to ALWAYS draw the fanbase plus the general public in and thats the problem. Ciaras music is not that unqiue to where it cant be marketed to urban, pop and international markets. Ciara could be the top female artist in the industry, bigger than Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Gaga. Her only competiton could be Beyonce and thats how it used to be when Ciara first came out. Epic, LA and Ciara all need to get together like ASAP

  • Chelle

    MJ is ciaras #1 fave/idol…over all her other influences. I would love her to perform bad, any dance track from MJ is fine with me.

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