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Ciara recently did a photo shoot and interview for OFIVE.TV. She talked about One Woman Army, when she first started out, Missy Elliott and fashion. View photos and interview below…

A few weeks ago, Ciara presented to the press some tracks of her fifth album expected for June 4th. Entitled “One Woman Army”, the album is the occasion to approach the topic of women empowerment and to come back on the career of the female artist.

You are about to release an album, (June 4th). What can you tell us about it ?

My album is named “One Woman Army” and I’m very very excited about it. I worked really hard on this album. And I can’t wait to share it with everybody. The title “One Woman Army” was the best way to explain my point of view, the best way to summarize the record. It represents my strength, it represents my struggles, it represents my need to be strong, it represents, what I want, what I feel with love, and where I am with love, and what I feel and want. It just represents everything, you know, so it was the best to tell the album I feel, and was also inspired by one of my track called “One Women Army”

Your album is all about empowerment. How do you embodies that ?

I think it’s just being fearless, being confident on what you do, no matter what anyone says, no matter who says, whatever. You have to stand firm in what you believe. And if you do that you are most likely to show up the way that you hope for it too. But it really starts with yourself. And I think it’s also a matter of when you are really into the effort, it is just as great as your input. that’s important. That is also part of empowerment. Ask yourself have you done the necessary to get to what you’re trying to go, to most likely achieve your goal. So yeah.

You are rapping on one of “One Woman Army”‘s track. How did it happened ?

It just felt good. You know, I go with feeling. And there was an open spot on the record, we were tired, but I was sitting there and just kept writing, couldn’t stop writing, and then it just start coming out; like the word just start coming out -, just like this.

Is it something that you ever done before ?

Yeah, I already been rapping before.

And now you feel ready to do this in a song ?

Absolutely. I feel very confident in my “rapping technique” (laugh)

What about a contribution of Missy Elliot on your album ?

You know I’ve been able to play the song of my album, and I listen to some of her music as well, and we always talk, like we always share what we’re doing. I think it still possible that we are going to the studio. I think I actually have to do that. Yeah, I love her.

What do you know about her upcoming project ?

I just know she really really want to make it just right. And she’s just such a genius you know and such a perfectionists that she gonna take her time with it.

Do you ever miss Crunk ?

No. I’m very proud of knowing that when I did the song Goodies I was part of a, being a leader in that new sound for that particular song. And you know music evolves. It’s important to me that in crunk, the actual area was a very spacial one. And music goes in sort of circle, new things come along and I juts want to make sure that I’m always aware of what’s new and like creating new things. I wanna do that too.

What is you best memories about that time ?

In the beginning of my career? It was a very special time for me because I was also very blessed that my first song was number 1 for eight weeks and you know, more and more songs are number one, and then top ten records. It’s definitely a very memorable moment. I’m never ever gonna forget the cool moment that happened in that period. Even winning a Grammy was very special.
I learned along the way to that helps me for today.

What kind ?

Trusting my instinct more. You know sometimes you get impatient and you get anxious and you can make a wrong move out of a being impatient. I really understand know the importance of patience. Also I feel like I appreciate the moment even more when they happened. I used to always work so hard and never look up and breath in and see the quick moment happening. And I feel like when you go through your experience, hitting bumps in the road, something that is not working as well as you want to you start to really see things more clear.

What do you think about the place fashion is taking in the industry ?

I think fashion has always been necessary. It’s a way of expressing yourself and I think it runs parallel with your music. I really believe that they both go hand and hand.

How did your personal take on fashion evolved ?

I think it evolved tremendously. When I first start I had know clue of who a lot of designer was, but I always liked good clothes. But I never knew what the heck I was wearing. And nowadays my appreciation of fashion is just so solid. I come form a very sensitive place with it and really appreciate and respect the details that designers put into their work. And you know I really enjoy fashion, in a way I never did before. And I hope to one day successfully do my own line as well.

 (Credit: OFIVE.TV)

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  • Chelle

    OMG! I love these pictures, She is so gorgeous….♥

  • Demarius Shelton

    The question remains and that is where in the blue blazes is L.A.Reid and Epic with the promotion of this album and why do we not have a CERTAIN RELEASE DATE for it nor any knowledge of how many songs are even on the album or what the cover for the album looks like and we as Ciara’s fans still do not have any explanation as to WHY Ciara is not on the cover of any major publication in relationship to music and entertainment and Hollywood or considering Ciara’s beauty and great body any reputable Men’s Magazine,such as Vibe,Ebony,Essence,Jet,King,Maxim,FHM,BlackMen Magazine,Blender,Cosmopolitan,or GQ in which Ciara actually tweeted that she was going to be in the pages for GQ Magazine presumably with an interview and photospread several months ago for the run-up for her album’s release on her TwitterPage and we still do NOT have any information reguarding this or anything else of relevance in relationship to Ciara’s career.

    In my view,as it now stands with L.A. Reid’s pathetic performance in running Epic Records and his complete lack of focus,attention,and interest in actually doing the roadwork of promoting Ciara’s album,that either one of two events must happen,either Reid does the right thing and resigns as Chairman of Epic Records IMMEDIATELY with the label hiring someone with the intellect to run the companty in a proper fashion and with that person actually being concerned with promoting the careers of the artists on the label instead of the spotlight being sought for the person in charge of the company,or Ciara leaves Epic and goes to another label where her talents will be heralded and celebrated and where she will be treated with the dignity and respect that she so richly and rightly deserves.

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