• Hailab: God Bless all your endeavors!!!XXX
  • solargeknowles: Poor CiCi. If this album is truly good, I’ll finally buy one of your albums.
  • justin markovich: damn you are so beatiful to me you are my ms universe you are a true dime piece cici
  • Digo: OMG so beautiful
  • Brooke: love to see her smile like this.
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Ciara Changes Album Title, Reveals Full Tracklisting & Artwork

Ciara did not lie when she said that she had begun going in a completely different direction with this new album, One Woman Army. As time progressed and the music became more and more creatively personal, Ciara chose to change the title of her highly anticipated fifth studio album to simply, ‘CIARA’!

Ciara has been hard at work for over a year perfecting this masterpeice. It is clear that with this album we are in for a treat! View the tracklisting below . . .


1. I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)

2. Sophomore

3. Body Party

4. Keep on Lookin’

5. Read My Lips

6. Where You Go (feat. Future)

7. Super Turnt Up (feat. Ciara)

8. DUI

9. Livin’ It Up

10. Overdose

  • Demarius Shelton

    In my view,the childish games,lack of executive oversight,and the mickey mouse style handling and the complete and total incompetence in assisting the navigation and elevation of Ciara’s career by the village idiot L.A. Reid and his merry band of morons at Epic Records continues with this latest episode of idiocy. First,we have Ciara announcing back in June of last year that she was working on a new album entitled ”One Woman Army”,then secondly,we the fans were told by Ciara’s boss and head of her new label home in Epic Records,L.A. Reid that the album would be released by no later than November of 2012 last year only for the clueless Reid to inexplicably switch his statements reguarding the album’s release from it ”originally” coming out in November to it being released in December of 2012 only to change the release for a THIRD time to the Winter of this year as in now here in 2013 only for us the fans to get even more runaround by various online entertainment news sites saying the album will be released on June 4th of this year which would be commensurate with the beginning of summer and we still have ZERO OFFICIAL confirmation as to when the album will ACTUALLY be released by either L.A. Reid,the President of Epic Records or anyone else in a position of power at the label or from Ciara herself.

    Furthermore,the fact remains that we still do NOT have Ciara featured on the cover of any major or prominent American Magazine having anything to do with showbusiness such as Ebony,JET,Essence,Vibe,GQ,Esquire,Cosmopolitan,Shape,FHM,Maxim,Stuff,King or anywhere else for that matter at all and now we learn that not only the alleged official tracklisting has been released for the UK and on ITunes with no certainty if we are going to receive the same tracklisting here in the United States and now for some asinine reason the name of the album has now been changed from the orginal title ”One Woman Army” to what it is now titled as simply ”Ciara”.

    This is being done to a great artist and star for no other reason than pure ignorance and nothing more and I sincerely hope that Ciara and her career professionally survives this and that the album does well reguardless of the ineptitude of the label that she is associated with presently.

  • Chelle

    I’m glad Ciara is starting this era over…I really loved the title One Woman Army, and I was looking forward to hearing the song OWA…but hopefully someday she releases it…but I’m glad this era is getting renovated…Can’t wait for the album Ci…Love the artwork…♥

  • Chris Gutierrez

    I thought we would get more songs! What happened to the song with Rick Ross??

  • Demarius Shelton

    The incontrovertable fact of the matter is that L.A. Reid is a blithering idiot and that Epic Records is rapidly becoming a misguided,directionless,and incompetent organization under his pathetic leadership and Ciara’s career is suffering because of this.

  • Demarius Shelton

    Also,the question that I continue to have is that WHY does Ciara tolerate her time and her career being misused,mishandled,and totally wasted as it is being done with Reid and Epic?

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